Its been pain full to see my dad's suffering..

It is with hope that we get to carry on and with despair we seek god's grace.


Every Year I look forward to our tip down to Mexico. It was the fourth year that me and my kids went on this adventure.  That always started at 5 AM meeting spot in front of Peet's coffee.

We all needed it, to start the morning of just right.

Our first stop was down in Chula Vista, where we would meet, pick up some other people from Baja Bound and get our briefing how to make it across the Mexican boader without a glitch.  To not get swallowed up by Tijuana streets, but to stay on course, down to Ensenada.  It went smooth as in the past years.

Once down in Manaedero, meeting at the Calimex to pick up our contractor and some more workers.  We where on our way to the job site. It is about noon now and we can't wait to get started. Leaving the main road that is the artery for this small town, to move onto unpaved, dry and pothole ridden streets.

We make it to our site, which is on a hill side, overlooking the town with its shacks and wooden houses. Some of whom where build by Bajabound or other organizations . What struck me that this neighborhood, was a truly established. It had a couple small neighborhood markets, and electricity. Some of the houses where flagged with satellite dishes.  Which gave it a peculiar look. A shack held together by ropes and a plastic tarp as a roof... and a satellite dish.

Our site, foundation was poured, lumber and tools where waiting for us to get to work. It ended up to be a very long day, that got finished off with a dinner tradition.  How many tacos can you eat at the best taco stand in town.

But before we got there we got to meet the family, the neighbors and of course the dogs that where like the kids always looking for a handout. Everybody is always eager to help, and it just takes some supervision on the little ones that your paint brushes don't walk off, or even better, that the painting takes place somewhere else.. like your car.

The family of 5, shyly greeted us. This has been such an exciting time for them and a huge sacrafice.  They first had to by the land for about 6000$. Than they had to grad it, which if you know the soil down there, you would abandon any shovel, and go rent yourself a mini truck.  The family are migrant workers that after moving around for many years looking for work decided to settle in this town. There daily wages are $5. Mom and dad and maybe one of the older girls work in the fields if there is work. While the other one takes care of the 4 year old sister and 13 month old little brother.